Travel Insurance Tips for Adventurists

February 22, 2019 0 By Rosalina L

It is very important to have travel insurance when going on a trip. No matter how much we prepare for every possible thing we can think of, we never know when something can go wrong.

Whether it is getting sick on Thai street food or losing your balance on a slippery London pavement; whether it is getting stuck in terrible traffic on your way to your next flight or losing some of your luggage, no amount of preparation can stop these unfortunate events from happening.

If you have travel insurance, you can claim many expenses back. If you don’t, you will be left with frustrations on top of additional expenditure.

Solo travel expert Janice Waugh of the Solo Traveler Blog shares some of the expenses she was able to claim back from some of her trips:


“If you don’t buy travel insurance, you’re responsible for anything that goes wrong. If you do, you can claim many expenses back as I have for a variety of things.

  • I’ve had a pair of glasses replaced that were lost in the UK – $300.
  • I had a crown fixed that had come off a tooth in Sydney – $272.
  • I was refunded for a flight to Peru that I couldn’t take due to my mother’s health – $1,100.

I believe that travel insurance can be worth every penny.”


Before buying insurance, you have to determine what kind of coverage you will still be needing. Most of the time, your health insurance plan and credit cards already offer coverage or insurance to some extent. Figure out what else are you wanting to be covered for on top of what you already have.

Based on this SoloTraveler blog post, these are the things you should check for:

  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Upfront payment for claims (Many hospitals require payment on the spot.)
  • Trip cancellation (especially higher cost trips)
  • Trip delay coverage
  • Trip length limits
  • Age restrictions (usually for senior travelers)
  • Baggage loss coverage
  • Companion coverage (Should you be in a hospital, your insurance company will send a friend or relative to be with you.)



After you have identified what is already covered in terms of your insurance, and what you will still be needing; the next step is to find the perfect travel insurance provider for your needs and budget. Choosing the right travel insurance involves taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. Travel plans - frequency of travel and length of each travel
  2. Type of coverage - the three main categories according to the above linked blog post are:
  • Medical and dental coverage for illness or accident
  • Trip cancellation, interruption or delay
  • Baggage and personal effects loss, theft or damageThere are many international and local travel insurance providers. You can easily look up travel insurance online. Several will surely pop on a simple Google search of “best travel insurance for (destination) trip.” It is best to compare the price and benefits of at least two top providers (based on reviews with anecdotes of first-hand experience, if possible). Make sure you purchase your insurance before your flight out.


Travel Medical Insurance

For most of us, the main reason for getting a travel insurance policy is to be protected from medical emergencies. To lose $500 because of a missed flight is one thing but to spend thousands of dollars on medical and/or hospital bills is an entirely different matter. Most travel insurance policies cover expenses for medical attention, paramedical services, ambulance, and dental emergencies. Better if they cover expenses to return home or bring family to your bedside in the case of hospitalization, and pre-existing medical conditions. When comparing coverages, look at the amount or value limits available for similar benefits. One provider may offer emergency dental coverage of up to $500 while another provider covers up to $5000.


Trip Cancellation and Lost Luggage Insurance

Other than medical insurance, the most common mishaps to occur while travelling involve unexpected trip cancellations, trip interruptions or delays, and baggage or gear loss. It is important to know the details of your coverage. What circumstances will allow you to claim on your travel insurance policy? Severe weather conditions keeping you from getting on the plane? Sudden financial disability to push through with a planned trip? Family or work emergency? What is the policy regarding personal belongings? How do you prove ownership or the value of your things? Read their fine print.


Insurance and/or Additional Protection for Your Gadgets

When traveling, your smartphone can serve as an amazing travel companion. In many cases, it can save you from getting lost. It can capture all your best memories. It can tell you where to go and what to do so you get the most out of your adventure. It can keep you connected to friends and family back home and much more. So, it is important that your mobile phone and other gadgets are protected. You can get insurance coverage for your smartphone from your telecom service provider. You can also get insurance coverage from the manufacturer of your smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch or other gadget/s.


Or, you can also take your own measures to keep them safe by using protective accessories such as screen protectors, impact protection cases and waterproof cases.


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