Practical Guide for Solo Female Travelers

Practical Guide for Solo Female Travelers

August 17, 2018 0 By catalystwp

-Words by Sean Gu of Venture Seekr-

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Solo travel tips for women craving adventure

Adventure travelers are faced with different challenges. Staying vigilant and adaptable is part of a crucial list of best-practices for while on a solo trip. It’s no surprise that women who conquer new destinations, both solo and with friends, will face different challenges.
All adventurers should both be concerned about personal safety in a new and unfamiliar city or locale. But solo female travel is a unique topic. Always put safety and experience first, regardless of the region, country, or city. This travel guide explores some practical travel tips which can be helpful for both guys and gal explorers traveling solo, while benefiting women when it comes to overall experience and safety. Here are a few tips for your next solo travel experience.

Confidence – Leverage it!

No matter the circumstance, staying confident, keeping calm – both while alone and with fellow travelers – is always advised. Although easier said than done, this skill-set can work to detract offenders and build confidence for yourself and your group during a trip. Remaining assertive, attentive, and proactive, has gigantic benefits in all travel situations. This influences any other adventurers on your team to do the same and take control in a not-so-pleasant situation. This doesn’t only apply to solo female travel, but in daily life as well when not in any adventure gear.

Localize Quickly – Act and Dress the Part

Blending in with the locale and environment is a great piece of travel advice for any solo female traveler. Be unobviously observant; take visual notes of your surroundings and of the indigenous dress and demeanor; never call unwanted attention to yourself. By observing locals and their way of behaving and living, you can quickly benefit by gaining insights in unfamiliar places.
Be an inconspicuous tourist, embrace local cultures, and kick yourself out of your comfort zone. Taxis can help save commute time, but don’t be afraid to use public transportation in the day-time as long as you keep safe and aware. Exercise common sense. There are reasons why local people behave the way they do – these behaviors can serve as ‘best practices’ coming from experience.

Grab Essentials and Replenish Well Before Dark

Among best practices for solo female travelers is arriving at your living quarters before dark. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, whether it be through maps, GPS apps, or quickly exploring surrounding neighborhoods right when you arrive.
Familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods surrounding your hotel or hostel as soon as you can, and take different routes to go back each time. Connect with like-minded people and leverage those friendships while travelling solo. Grab essentials like water, snacks, and toiletries well before nightfall.

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Leave Breadcrumbs, but Carefully

While solo travel is liberating, you don’t want to leave your loved ones in the dark. Remember to tell people you know and trust where your travel plans and details. Don’t disconnect 100%. Keep in contact often, and make it easy for your loved ones to keep a beat on your whereabouts whenever they deem it necessary. Social media makes this all-too-easy, so utilize it. Doing so has been the difference between life and death recently. Keep your devices ready for action – a quick face-to-Facebook ‘check in’ or making a habit to insta-snap your during your travels can be rewarding and vital to your safety.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Finally, it’s always advisable to plan for those ‘just-in-case’ situation. Hone and trust your instincts – when you don’t feel safe, practice behaviors to stay confident, level, and analytical. If these things don’t come naturally, practice! Honing your thought process and practical skills when put under pressure is all too valuable and one of the best investments in time for solo female travelers. When you sense something doesn’t feel right, prepare yourself to act on muscle memory and rectify the situation – or simply exit quickly. While these tips apply for women on a solo trip, these adventure tips are for all people and all places,. Keep them in mind, whether on a trip or nearby.