Ketogenic Snacks for Sustained Energy During your Next Adventure

August 23, 2018 0 By catalystwp

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-Words by Sean Gu of VentureSeekr-

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Are you an athlete, climber, or active adventurist new to the Ketogenic Diet? Are you trying to find some go-to sources for quick energy before a climb, run, or endurance activity? If so, we’ve got some great nutrition tips to keep you performing while sticking to your goals.

We’ve talked about the keto diet for adventurers before. Many people take on the keto low-carb diet for a variety of reasons. This involves weight loss through capping carbs and artificial sugars while eating large amounts of health fats, fatty and amino acids, and non-starchy vegetables in their food plans. The keto diet can be challenging at first, especially while on the go. But there are a lot of healthy effects which come with the benefits of ketosis. This processes coerces the body into fat burning, regulating blood sugar and energy levels, minimizing sugar intake, and even lowering risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

What is the Ketogenic, or “Keto” Diet?

The ketogenic diet was designed to switch our source of fuel – by eating strategically to force the body to use an alternate source of energy. By utilizing fats rather than carbs for fuel, we repeat dual benefits of burning and exercising.

The challenge, of course, is keeping in the fat-burning zone and becoming accustomed to a new type of fuel. The keto diet does not promote a variety of low-calorie recipes, but instead prescribes a high-fat low-carb diet to force the body to burn fats for fuel.

Keto Energy Slump

The most obvious challenge of the keto lifestyle is getting used to the change in nutritional profile. A standard western diet allocates between 45-65 percent of daily nutrition to carbohydrate intake – translating to approx. 250-350 grams of it per day. In contrast, the keto diet dictates a drastically different macronutrient mix of a mere 10 percent or 25 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Instead, Keto dieters get the largest part of their nutrients from fat and protein – a whopping 70% of (healthy) fats and adequate protein are prescribed in such a plan.

As you can imagine, people leading both active and sedentary lifestyles quickly become carbohydrate-starved and frequently feel like they’re simply out of fuel.

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What to Eat for Keto-Friendly Energy

Keto-friendly quick-energy sources are somewhat of an oxymoron. This is because the entire idea of the keto diet is to burn fat for fuel and avoid foods with high glycemic index. These are the exact foods which provide quick-releasing energy. Some of the snacks and foods may surprise you. But with a bit of adaptation, they can provide keto athletes and adventurists with the sustained energy they need to power through.

A quick snack before your activities

  • Dark Chocolate – satisfaction and sustained energy all in one bite without the glucose spike
  • Cheese – high quality cheeses are great on their own and can be incorporated in almost any keto-friendly meal
    • Bonus – Cheese (commonly with thyme) crackers are another great choice for a quick snack
  • Beef Jerky – bring on the high-quality protein, but find the kinds which aren’t loaded with sugars. These budget-friendly snacks are great for pre or post workout
  • Nuts – portable, delicious and healthy, the best selections or mixed variety nuts are loaded with healthy fats and great flavor

Keto Energy Meals an hour or so before

  • Kebabs – meats in general can be taken well before activities and bring on the energy much later on
  • Eggs – for those vegetarian Keto-ers, surprisingly effective foods (well) before, with zero glucose
  • Dips – Spinach & artichoke, cream-cheese, and other varietals can be easily adapted to help with the above suggestions and included healthy, plant-based protein in meals
  • Hummus – in the same line as those delicious dips, these legume-based helpers come in many varieties and add favor and palatability

About Fruits

Lighten things up by incorporating fruits to your keto diet, but choose the right ones, selecting fiber fruits over glucose loaded ones

  • Avocados – the king of power foods. Some don’t even consider it a fruit, but studies have uncovered many health benefits of avocados, including aiding our bodies in absorbing nutrients
  • Berries – straw, black, rasp, blue, are all great keto-friendly fruits for energy
  • Tomatoes – another should-be-veggie that’s classified as a fruit. How about those cherry tomatoes – even better and more convenient to consume
  • Oranges & Lemons – use these citrus-filled treats on their own or to dress up drinks / meals in a health way