Keto on the Go: Guide to the Keto Diet for Travelers

August 23, 2018 0 By catalystwp

keto on the go

-Words by Arizton Pamplona from VentureSeekr-

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So what’s the deal with airline food anyways?

Whether you’re exploring freedom outdoors or stuck on a long-haul flight, adventuring keeps you on the move. You have to make adjustments to all aspects of your life: your clothes, your bag, your devices, and also your diet strategy.

The keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet aimed at weight loss through a process known as Ketosis. Diet Doctor has written a detailed ketogenic lifestyle guide for beginners. As with most diets, it’s important to commit – the keto diet calls for increased intake of healthy fats while restricting carbs to 20 grams a day. It’s tough enough paying close attention to ketones and adjusting your grocery list, but even more so when you’re on the move.

If you’re trying to go low-carb, here is our guide to the keto diet for travelers to help you on your physical and dietary journey. There are lessons to be learned for all diets, not just low-carb ones like keto or the paleo diet or the Atkins diet.

Start Your Day Right

It’s tough preparing food for a journey. At the risk of halting your progress, you run the risk of eating the wrong food. This can be because you haven’t packed enough for your hike; maybe you don’t enjoy the meal you prepared; or perhaps you’ll cheat on your diet and indulge in some airport canteen food. It’s been said before: your adventure starts before you even leave your home. Start your day right with an adequately substantial meal.

Eating right should be at the top of your to-do list. This is often as easy as eating your low-carb favorites. For those on the keto diet, this means eggs, yogurt, bacon and sausage, avocado and so much more. Eat to your stomach’s content before your next big adventure so that you have enough energy. A full meal before you go is especially important if you end up fasting during your adventure as well.

Image by 
Mona Sabha Cabrera
Image by
Mona Sabha Cabrera

Pack Your Lunchbox Right

Whether you’re adventuring out in nature, on a plane, or in a new city, hunger will eventually strike. For some adventurers living a ketogenic lifestyle, this is a matter of eating responsibly when hungry.

Other adventurers have limited mobility and bag space. For the latter group, there is a precise logic behind a low-carb travel meal. This goes beyond low-carb high-fat. You will no longer have the comfort of cooking a full meal or running to the grocery store. Packing your lunchbox right means packing it light. Focus on compact and dense food with reasonable amounts of fats and protein. This is especially important for plane rides where you’re only allowed a small amount of liquid. When traveling, you’ll have to limit how much coconut oil or olive oil you bring with you.

Some good easy-to-pack choices that are dry and keep well are hard boiled eggs, bacon, jerky, walnuts, low-moisture cheese, macadamia nuts, or homemade keto-friendly peanut butter. Choose food high in fat and in calories to sustain yourself during your adventure.

Coping while Keto

Another major challenge of the keto lifestyle is finding food in an unfamiliar environment. It’s hard to tell what ingredients are used when you’re not the one preparing your meal.

Maintain a low-carb diet by selecting easy to identify meals. This means dishes with non-starchy vegetables and low-carb leafy greens in addition to animal fats and proteins. While not 100% transparent, this is a good guideline to help you achieve sufficient ketone levels without measuring out your carbs.

Another way to stay keto is to prepare your own meals from time to time. This offers the same control over your diet (and body) that you have back home.