Best Places to Go Wildlife Spotting

Best Places to Go Wildlife Spotting

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africa animal wildlife

-Words by Guramrita Kaur of VentureSeekr-

africa animal wildlife

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Tired of dealing with crowds of tourists during your travels? Want to see amazing animals in their natural habitat? Why go people watching when you can go wildlife watching instead? Discover the beauty of nature in one of many wildlife parks around the world. From wildlife safaris to wildlife refuge centers, seeing animals in their natural glory makes for an amazing adventure. Here are a few of the best places to get you started on your journey.

Before the Adventure

Always remember to be safe around wild animals. Ensure you have the right guide and equipment when visiting these locations.

Beginner wildlife photographers should remember to respect these creatures in their habitat. Try to leave with some good photos, not bites or scratches.

Africa – African safari experience is one of the most popular ways to go wildlife spotting. Known for landscapes and diverse species, Africa has some of the best destinations for a truly wild experience.

Visit Serengeti National Park in Zimbabwe to spot all of your favorite African fauna. Or visit Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe – the land area is as big as Hawaii and contains animals like elephants, hyenas, leopards, hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, and crocodiles. Always a safari favorite, make Africa’s many national parks a part of your wildlife adventure.

Cambodia – A place known for its exotic and endangered species. After many years of illegal hunting and animal trafficking, it now hosts many national wildlife refuge areas and provides a great opportunity for tourists to engage with uniquely Cambodian animals.

Wildlife Release Koh Kong is great place for you to experience the re-release of protected creatures. You can get close to sun bears, gibbons, monkeys and birds. It also provides accommodation in bamboo huts while you explore the treks in the jungle and the waterfall nearby. Visit Sam Veasna Center in Siem Reap for those that love birding- a place to see Bengal floricans, migratory birds, cranes, giant vultures and so many other bird species. Many of these species can’t be replaced, and neither can this amazing experience.

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Malaysia – Another tropical location with an array of national parks to please animal enthusiasts. Malaysia is home to a wide range of habitats for adventurists seeking a wild experience. Visit Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park- a marine park of 5 islands. For a wet and wild adventure, visitors can go scuba diving and interact with marine species such as corals, rays, cuttlefish, eels, puffer fish and lion fish.

Each island has its own specialty and accommodation with a great chance to get underwater during your stay. Taman Negara, the oldest National Park in Malaysia, largely focuses on its rain forest. While on its many trails, go fish feeding, climbing, wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes out for local species like the Malayan peacock-Pheasant, Gaur, Long-tailed Marque monkey and the Malayan Taqir. From forest to reef, Malaysia is full of wildlife surprises!

Galapagos Islands – Isolated from the rest of the world, the Galapagos islands are a great spot for marine life. Catch a glimpse of oceanic favorites like sea lions, sea turtles, and sea otters. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to go whale watching as well.

Among the most well-known species from these islands is the Galapagos Tortoises. The world’s largest land tortoises, these giants can weight over 500 pounds. The Marine Iguana is another unique species of the Galapagos found around rocky shorelines, marshes and mangrove beaches. The Galapagos also holds the smallest species of penguin in the world, found on the islands of Fernandina and Isabela. If you crave a real island experience don’t leave the Galapagos off your list!

Whether you visit a national park or stay at a wildlife resort, ditch the concrete jungle for wild outdoors!