Best Gadgets to Bring Along on an Adventure—Travel Gadgets that are Too Cool to Resist

September 30, 2019 0 By catalystwp

~ Words written by Dorine of Venture Seeker ~

Are you planning to go on an adventure trip? Some gadgets are too fun to miss. Others add extra convenience to your trip, while others give your trip a technological boost.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an overnight road trip or a one-week vacation, making the trip remarkable hugely depends on the travel gadgets and accessories you bring along.
Therefore, aside from typical travel gears like toiletry and clothes, it is crucial to take with you cool gadgets and accessories that will make your adventure trip more epic, simpler, and safer.

Is it time you update your pack list? It depends on certain factors. Below, we`ll explore travel gadgets that redefine the whole adventure experience and are too cool to resist. Only then will you be able to tell if your packing list requires an update.


Best gadgets to bring along on an adventure

Catalyst 20L Waterproof BackPack

Backpack 1

Whether you’re setting out for hiking trips, camping, or any other outdoor trip for less than 4 days, this backpack present excellent packing solutions. It is foldable, packable, and readily portable to help you easily conquer your outdoors trip.

Here is what makes the backpack unique:

It combines usefulness, versatility, and comfort of a typical backpack but with extra waterproof capabilities.

When put to the test, the backpack withstands 10,000 mm of water delivering unique waterproof solutions that protect all the gears inside. You don’t need to worry even of the heaviest rain.

What’s more—and this interesting—the backpack itself is lightweight with a compact carrying pouch. The large roll-top closure is spacious enough to fit a 15” laptop and still leave a room for other staffs. It also has a 9” deep side pockets that ease the worry of your water bottle falling out from it.

And even more, the mesh shoulder straps are breathable and readily dry to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

The backpack comes with an adjustable sternum strap on the shoulder along with a built-in whistle. Overall, the backpack has a tapered shape that allows better weight distribution making it one of the most comfortable ever even when long distance is involved.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro


iPad Pro calls for every tech lover while on the go. This gadget replaces the need for a lot when traveling. It delivers nearly all the power, versatility, and functionalism of a laptop in a more compact, lightweight, and efficient profile. If you are a frequent hiker, traveler, or camper, this is most likely what you`d like to hear. The idea of leaving a bulkier computer behind only to work from your tablet is highly appealing.

First off, the device is astoundingly fast and is untouchable with anything else in the market as a media consumption device.

Secondly, the keyboard and the pencil make it easy to get work done on the go as it allows you to execute any typing tasks, sketch out ideas and plans, and so much more.

Thirdly, on more than one occasion, you might have come perilously close to smashing your laptop screen because of small packaging space. However, with iPad Pro, you`ll have plenty of room to spare in your backpack as it takes less place.

Moreover, the redesigned pencil 2 charges inductively by magnetically napping place along one of the edges of the iPad. This advanced feature ensures the stylus is charged and ready to go wherever you set out to.

And even more, on an adventure trip, photo editing is going to come in. With the iPad`s A12 Bionic Processor that outperforms laptop`s for high intensity, you`re going to have an easy time executing photo edits. The software's ecosystem has evolved to support software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop—two pro-level software which having them at disposal make iPad Pro even more appropriate.

All those features come with extended battery life for up to 10 straight hours of intensive usage. This translates to constant web browsing or multimedia play without the need to recharge. Such battery power is practical as it is often hard to get access to electricity during an adventure trip.
To better equip your iPad Pro for your trip, encase it in a protective cover. Tablets don’t come with casing—you'll buy them separately. It would be wise to get one that offers 360-degrees protection like the Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPad Pro.

RavPower HyperAir Fast Wireless Power Bank


(Ravpower HyperAir - Fast Wireless Charging for All)

The gadget is a portable power bank and Qi-wireless charger suitable for iPad. It has a capacity of 10400mAh. Here is what make this power bank unique:

  • It comes with a wireless charging feature, which many power banks don’t have.
  • Second, it comes with a fast-charging option for Samsung Smartphones, iPhones, and iPads that supports wireless charging. Again, this feature is rare in many of wireless power banks.

To use it, place your wireless charging-capable iPad or Smartphone on it to initiate charging. No wires involved.

RavPower Portable Charger

This is another well known and impressive power bank from RAVPower. Its uniqueness starts with the high capacity of 32000 mAh—a capacity powerful enough for any person who wants to boost their power on the go.

The gadget presents a super-fast charging capability. It has a total of 2 USB ports that give a maximum output of 5.5A. Besides, it utilizes the impressive iSmart technology that readily identifies the maximum charge of your device to protect your battery.

Depending on your device, you can use this device to charge your phone severally.

GoTenna Mesh

GoTenna Mesh is the world`s leading mobile network platform that presents an extended edge of connectivity. It builds a mesh networking for international travelers, emergency managers, hikers, and even soldiers.

It is a device designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service. All you have to do is pair goTenna device with any Smartphone and enable communications even when the cell, Wi-Fi, and satellite are unavailable. This allows adventurers to communicate even when they`re off the grid.

The device is pocket size and uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with smartphones and allow users to share messages and location information within a range of 4 miles in an open area.

Better yet, the brand new Go Tenna employs revolutionary mesh networking technology that allows private chat, group chat, or public broadcast messages to extend beyond point-to-point range. They appear to be modern walkie-talkies that are compatible with iOS and Android.

Its app allows you to download a detailed map that you can use offline to navigate different places on earth.

GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hot Spot

Glocal Me
(G3 - GlocalMe)


GlocalMe is one of the world`s best mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. It doesn’t matter if you're traveling globally, because this ingenious connectivity gadget presents unlimited 4G LTE services by working with carriers in more than 100 countries in the world. No worrying about international SIM cards or roaming charges when traveling the world. You can get online everywhere. The gadget is capable of connecting up to 5 devices at a time, making it easy to share internet network with friends and family on the go. What's more, to help you stay connected, the gadget comes with an in-built 5350 mAh battery that provides up to hours of total battery life.

Beyond the battery life,  the G3 works in Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania, South America as well as any place in Africa.

Garmin inReach Explorer Plus

The number one rule for off-the-grid adventure is “Come back alive.” But there are plenty others like “Don’t make your friends and family worry about you.”

inReach Explorer Plus is a two-way communication device that allows you to text friends and family without depending on a cellular network. The unique part with the gadget is that it is a standalone unit and does not require a smartphone to see where you`re on the map or text. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot pair it with your phone; you can do so as well as use it on its own. The on-screen menus are highly intuitive, and that`s a potentially critical feature if you`re in a survival situation.

For as low as $12 a month, you can get a maximum of 10 texts.

Joby GorillaPod Tripod

Standard camera tripods are hard to travel with because they`re big and bulky. On the flip side, packing Gorillapod isn't`t a problem. The gadget readily twists and turns to fit into any space regardless of the shape and size.This ensures you don`t leave back your camera stand on your go. And being twistable doesn't`t mean offering you less service. The tripod is versatile when it comes to holding your camera or phone in a tricky setting.The tentacle legs provide stability on uneven rocky ground, and you can wrap it around trees and fences.

Canon Power Shot SX740



Point-and-shoot, DSLR, mirrorless, or action—it all stems down to choosing the camera for adventure photography.

Canon Power Shot SX740 is a perfect adventure companion. This compact camera comes with a resolution of 20.3 megapixels to shoot high-quality photography. It is ultra-slim and lightweight to allow you to slip it effortlessly into your pocket.

Regardless of its size, the camera allows you to take 4K high-definition video resolution and an excellent zoom of  960mm. This feature will enable you to take high-quality videos and photos of distant objects.

And Even More of the Gadgets

Depending on your adventure purpose, you might need a 360 degrees camera that perfectly capture your traveling from all angles, a night vision camera that shoots in color and produces photos and video that are in high quality, and drone camera.