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Travelling to pretty locations has always been something on everyone’s mind. Chasing the city lights, getting those aesthetic, tourist photographs of locations we all have seen a million photos of. I am sure as you read, there are several photos and destinations that come to your mind, such as the ones where it looks like you are pushing the leaning tower of Pisa over. Do not get me wrong, those locations are amazing and surely must be visited once in a lifetime, but there are so many more hidden gems that only a few consider visiting.


Escaping the hustle and bustle is one of the key reasons people travel. Then why constantly travel to such places that continue to have tourist ruckus and hectic rush? If you are considering travelling to places that are a little of a challenge to get to but are dedicated to make it there for the peaceful, the calm and the stunning surroundings, here are some very beautiful places that are hard to get to!

Still not convinced?

Reasons to travel on the roads less travelled

-       Leave the crowds behind: Queuing to get to places has to be on the most frustrating things one has to do while travelling. It takes away a lot from one’s day when so much more could have been explored in that time. Furthermore, you will see unique views and locations that are not seen frequently. Everything you see and experience is special and genuine.

-       More authentic for authentic prices: Popular sightseeing sites have souvenirs and we all know; the prices are hiked. Visiting places that do not see visitors often, it is common to get a genuine, local experience in terms of food, culture, and can get access to specialities available and chosen by locals rather than from places known to attract only tourists.

-       Meeting locals: Imagine in the chaos of a highly populated traveller's location, it is rare to have the opportunity to meet and truly get to know stories to individuals native to the place. A lot can be learnt from the locals and their experience. Hence, walking on uncommon roads, one can hold stimulating conversations with people around you. Also, who knows, you could meet someone in a similar situation as you, a travel lover exploring unexplored paths. Also, you can meet friendlier locals that are not frustrated by seeing large tourist crowds daily!

-       Seek the adventure and the challenge: Sure hard-to-get-to locations require extensive planning and perhaps a longer travel time. You are left on your own to figure your way around. For a true adventure, your travel experience should be unique.  You want a different experience from the masses. Such hidden gems never fail to deliver that exclusive experience and make for unforgettable memories.


Feeling a spark that is igniting your curiosity and wanderlust? Take a look at these five secluded spots that could be on your bucket list of places to visit next!


Lake Baikal in Siberia


Glide on Lake Baikal, otherwise known as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’, which is one of the world’s oldest and deepest lake formed. This Lake is even under UNESCO’s World Heritage List! While the lake is still stunning in the summer, the lake makes for a perfect winter wonderland spot. The water freezes over and the icy surface below stretches out to as far as the eyes can see. Ice skating and dog sledding and two of the common activities that take place on the lake in winter. You could also always walk, if not slip and slide across the lake.


There are a few methods to get to the lake depending on where are you coming from. The Lake is accessible by plane to Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude, the two nearest cities to the lake. There are also railways, bus or simply car rides by which you to get to this chilling location.


Kolsai Lakes in Kazakhstan


Those who are willing to make the tough journey to the Kolsai Lakes, are certainly rewarded.


This place is for the nature lovers! The lakes are a wonderful place to disconnect from the chaos of the cities, fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and experience a simpler way of life in the Kazakhstan countryside. Kolsai Lakes National Park, often referred to as ‘Pearls of Tien Shan’, is located on the north slope of the Tian Shan Mountains, southeast of Kazakhstan. There are four lakes within the park as part of the Kolsai Lakes, the fourth lake exists at a pass but that pass marks the border with Kyrgyzstan and, cross-border hikes are not legal. Yet.

Photo by tom_aaa on Pixabay
Photo by tom_aaa on Pixabay

Some of the few things one can do at the park is hike for 3 hours over 9 km on a scenic route from the first to the second lake. On the hike, one is guaranteed to see the alpine forests with astonishing countryside views. One can also enjoy the boat rides as a way to enjoy the lakes. Camping is another thing commonly done by visitors on the camping ground that sides by the second lake.


To get to the Lakes, one can choose to take the buses, organizes tour, a marshrutka (a form of local transport), or at your own risk, hitchhike! In all seriousness, hitchhiking is common to get to the lakes.


Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan


Located in upper Paro Valley, Bhutan, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, known as Paro Takstang, sits on a Himalayan cliff approximately 10,000 feet above sea level. From Paro Airport, the only international airport in the country, Tiger’s Nest is a drive about six miles north of town.


The Monastery has four temples which also provide accommodation options for monks to reside in. To get to Paro, it is easily accessible by car. However, the challenge begins when one must hike up to get to the famous Monastery. But have no worries, for those who cannot hike the entire way, you can hire a horse to carry you most of the way there. The hike would require 6 hours on average with some elevation along the way.

Photo by suketdedhia on Pixabay
Photo by suketdedhia on Pixabay

The best time to plan a trip is from March to May or September to November. With rains and winter lingering over the other months, travel during these months can still be possible. Some things to note is that the hike might get slippery and your electronic devices might not withhold the rains. A waterproof protective case can come in handy, allowing you to use your gadgets even in rains. Catalyst Waterproof Case offers protection for the iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone XR and other Apple and Samsung gadgets and accessories.


With vibrant statues; an opportunity to exert physical prowess; extensive landscapes of Paro Valley, checking off a UNESCO World Heritage Site on their bucket list; this tourist attraction is definitely on the top of the recommendations.


Choquequirao in Peru


Often seen as Machu Picchu’s ‘sister’, Choquequirao is an Inca archaeological site located in the most remote of the Andes of Cusco, Peru. It is now one of the lesser known wonders of the worth, but is just as stunning as the renowned, Machu Picchu. Remoteness and inaccessibility have kept most potential tourists away from this ruined Inca city in southern Peru, leaving a pristine landscape to be enjoyed by those who dare to enter. Treking or a guided trek is one of the best ways to get around not only Choquequirao but also to Machu Picchu.


The Peruvian government has proposed that a cable car be installed to bring tourists to the region. As it stands now, visitors must endure a rough two-day hike from Cusco that is only recommended for experienced climbers. Rock and mudslides in the area are common, especially during the rainy season and most guides say that the trail to Choquequirao is twice as difficult as the Inca Trail used to access Machu Picchu. Unpaved, the dirt trail climbs nearly a mile on the second day of the hike alone.


Despite the hardships in reaching the site, Choquequirao is a beautiful site displaying ruins and monuments with a breathtaking sight of mountains around. This is for sure a must-see travel destination in Peru, right next to Machu Picchu!


Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan


If you want to witness are round moment of flower fields, this is a trip you must plan! In the beautiful city of Japan, the Hitachi Seaside Park which faces the Pacific Ocean provides beautiful flowers in the well-kept large gardens throughout the year. In spring, narcissuses, tulips and nemophila (baby blue eyes) attract lots of visitors. In early summer poppies and roses, and in summer zinnias and sunflowers will bloom. In autumn, you can enjoy and kochia (summer cypress) that are changing their color gradually, and cosmos flowers. In winter, ice tulips can be seen, and all the flowers are colorful and beautiful in the well-designed gardens. You do not have to worry about missing the right season - there is something blooming in every season.

Photo source:
Photo source:

Not only can you admire mind-blowing colors and flowers, the Park also has an amusement park, dining options and quite a few cycling and walking trails.


The one thing that might cause this park from making the travel cut is that, it is far from the city. Close to the ocean and away from the city, getting to the park require a several hours of transport either by rail or by buses. So, keeping time, distance and cost in mind, this park surely is worth all of that to spectate the blooming beauties!


Start your planning and go beyond the distance to explore all the beautiful places that are a challenge to get to!


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